Voices from the Field: code of ethics

DGS “Voices from the Field” Contributors’ Code of Ethics

  • Where material (films, photos, audio-files etc.) relates to the private life of a person or a group of persons or is taken in such a setting, it should not be used without the participant’s consent.
  • The collection and presentation of audio-visual data material should be sensitive and appropriate to the local community demands and contexts, ideally discussing material with participants and asking for their opinions, feedback and consent.
  • The participants’ physical, emotional, social and spiritual well-being should be at the centre of all phases of the process.

Participants (any individual or group of persons being audio recorded/video recorded):

  • Should be consulted before taking their picture/ video/audio-file, explained the purpose of the project and asked to provide their consent. No data should be collected without their knowledge.
  • Have the right to freedom of expression and choice in how to represent themselves and their stories. They should be provided with the space and flexibility to describe what they have experienced without being coerced or censored.
  • Have the right to decide what language to use in telling and creating a story
  • Have the right to determine whether or not their names are attached to their stories and whether images of themselves are blurred to protect privacy. These issues should be discussed and agreed in advance.
  • Sharing stories about especially painful life experiences should be supported in approaching their narratives from a position of strength rather from a vantage point that reinforces victimization. Work in sensitive and supportive ways.
  • Must be able to make informed choices about the content of the material by giving the opportunity to review it before it is submitted to DGS, whenever this is possible.
  • Have the right to withdraw their material from public circulation at any time.

** In relation to ethical issues, editors of DGS will make the final judgement call as to whether to publish the material submitted and if edits are required. These will be discussed and confirmed with the contributors.