Vol.1 No. 1

Disability and the Global South (DGS), 2014, Vol. 1 No. 1



Introducing Disability and the Global South (DGS): we are critical, we are open access!

Shaun Grech and Karen Soldatic


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Youth with Disabilities in Law and Civil Society:  Exclusion and inclusion in public policy and NGO networks in Cambodia and Indonesia

Stephen Meyers, Valerie Karr and Victor Pineda

pp. 5-28

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Performing the Stare in Indra Sinha’s Animal’s People             

Sagarika Chattopadhyay and Amarjeet Nayak

pp. 29-43

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Disability Sport in Sub-Saharan Africa: From Economic Underdevelopment to Uneven Empowerment

Andrew Novak

pp. 44-63

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Does Africa Dream of Androids?

Florence Okoye

pp. 64-84

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Mendicidad y discapacidad en la Ciudad de Buenos Aires: un síntoma de nuevas formas de  vulnerabilidad social

Carolina Ferrante

pp. 85-106

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Facilitating Disability Inclusion in Poverty Reduction Processes: Group Consensus Perspectives from Disability Stakeholders in Uganda, Malawi, Ethiopia, and Sierra Leone

Malcolm MacLachlan, Gubela Mji,  Tsitsi Chataika, Margaret Wazakili , Andrew K. Dube, Moses Mulumba, Boniface Massah, Dagnachew Wakene, Frank Kallon, Marcella Maughan

pp. 107-127

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Disability, poverty and Education: perceived barriers and (dis)connections in rural Guatemala 

Shaun Grech

pp. 128-152

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My ‘disability and development’ journey: reflections

Myroslava Tataryn

pp. 153-160

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Construyendo historias y soñando con utopías: a propósito de la Red de Rehabilitación Basada en Comunidad (RBC) de las Américas

Solángel García-Ruiz

pp. 161-171

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Critical reflections on the usefulness of the 3rd Regional Conference on Community based Rehabilitation (CBR) in the Americas in Medellin

Joerg Weber

pp. 172-180

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La investigación en discapacidad en Venezuela: primeros aportes del siglo XXI. Manuel Aramayo Zamora. Editado por Universidad Monteávila. Colección Discapacidad. ISBN 978-980-6769-17-5

Monica Peña

pp. 181-183

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Una Vida Sin Palabras (A Life Without Words), directed by Adam Isenberg, colour, 71 minutes 2011. Zela Film (Istanbul), distributor: Documentary Educational Resources

Lucy Burke and Thomas Rudman

pp. 184-187

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