Vol. 6 No. 1

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Disability & the Global South (DGS), 2019, Vol. 6 No. 1

Special issue:  Disability and the Decolonial Turn: Perspectives from the Americas
Edited by: Roberto Sirvent (Hope International University) and Amy Reed-Sandoval (University of Texas at El Paso)



Editorial: Disability and the Decolonial Turn: Perspectives from the Americas

Amy Reed-Sandoval and Roberto Sirvent

pp. 1553-1561
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Disability, Decoloniality, and Other-than-Humanist Ethics in Anzaldúan Thought

Suzanne Bost

pp. 1562-1580
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Decolonizing Schools: Women Organizing, Disability Advocacy, and Land in Sāmoa

Juliann Anesi

pp. 1581-1602
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Adapting an Education Program for Parents of Children with Autism from the United States to Colombia

Sandy Magaña, Marie Tejero Hughes, Kristen Salkas, and Marisol Moreno Angarita

pp. 1603-1621
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Globalized Food and Pharma: The South Bites Back in Lina Meruane’s Fruta podrida

Beth E. Jörgensen

pp. 1622- 1639
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Decolonial Embodiment: Fanon, the Clinical Encounter, and the Colonial Wound

Carolyn Ureña

pp. 1640-1658
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Precarious Bodies, Precarious Lives: Framing Disability in Alejandro González Iñárritu’s Cinema

Victoria Garrett

pp. 1659-1676
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Literary Fiction Under Coloniality and the Relief of Meditation in Guadalupe Nettel’s Desupés del invierno, Carla Faesler’s Formol and Laía Jufresa’s ‘La pierna era nuestro altar’

Emily Hind

pp. 1677-1694
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Disability, Health and Human Development– Authored Book by Sophie Mitra

Review by Edelweiss Murillo

pp. 1695-1697
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