Vol 5. No. 2

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Disability & the Global South (DGS), 2018, Vol. 5 No. 2

Special issue:  Intersecting Indigeneity, Colonisation and Disability
Edited by: Karen Soldatic (Western Sydney University) and John Gilroy (University of Sydney)



Editorial: Intersecting Indigeneity, colonialisation and disability

Karen Soldatic and John Gilroy

pp. 1337-1343
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Yuin, Kamilaroi, Sámi, and Maori people’s reflections on experiences as ‘Indigenous scholars’ in ‘Disability Studies’ and ‘Decolonisation’

John Gilroy, Margaretha Uttjek, Chontel Gibson, Kirsten Smiler

pp. 1344-1364
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Audiology and Speech-Language Pathology: Practitioners’ Reflections on Indigeneity, Disability and Neo-Colonial Marketing

Mershen Pillay and Harsha Kathard

pp. 1365-1384
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‘My granddaughter doesn’t know she has disabilities and we are not going to tell her’: Navigating Intersections of Indigenousness, Disability and Gender in Labrador

Deborah Stienstra, Gail Baikie, Susan M. Manning

pp. 1385-1406
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Disabling Bodies of/and Land: Reframing Disability Justice in Conversation with Indigenous Theory and Activism

Laura Jaffee and Kelsey John

pp. 1407- 1429
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The Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities and its implications for the health and wellbeing of indigenous peoples with disabilities: A comparison across Australia, Mexico and New Zealand

Minerva C. Rivas Velarde, Patricia O’Brien, Trevor R. Parmenter

pp. 1430-1449
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Challenges in global Indigenous–Disability comparative research, or, why nation-state political histories matter

Karen Soldatic, Line Melboe, Patrick Kermit, Kelly Somers

pp. 1450-1471
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Black on the inside’: albino subjectivity in the African novel

Ken Junior Lipenga, Emmanuel Ngwira

pp. 1472-1487
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The role of indigenous and external knowledge in development interventions with disabled people in Burkina Faso: the implications of engaging with lived experiences

Lara Bezzina

pp. 1488-1507
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An intersection in population control: welfare reform and indigenous people with a partial capacity to work in the Australian northern territory

Louise St Guillaume, Cate Thill

pp. 1508-1530
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Inclusion of marginalised Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples with neurocognitive disability in the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS)

Clare Townsend, Michelle McIntyre, Ali Lakhani, Courtney Wright, Paul White, Jason Bishara, Jennifer Cullen

pp. 1531-1552
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