Vol.1 No. 2

Disability and the Global South, 2014, Vol. 1 No. 2

Special issueGlobalising Mental Health or Pathologising the Global South? Mapping the Ethics, Theory and Practice of Global Mental Health

Edited by China Mills (University of Sheffield) and Suman Fernando (London Metropolitan University)


Globalising Mental Health or Pathologising the Global South? Mapping the Ethics, Theory and Practice of Global Mental Health

China Mills and Suman Fernando


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How ‘evidence-based’ is the Movement for Global Mental Health?

David Ingleby

pp. 203-226

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Reciprocity in Global Mental Health Policy

Ross White and Sashi Sashidharan

pp. 227-250

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Culture, Politics and Global Mental Health

Rachel Tribe

pp. 251-265

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Globalizing psychiatry and the case of ‘vanishing’ alternatives in a neo- colonial state

Bhargavi Davar

pp. 266-284

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Faith Healing in India: The Cultural Quotient of the Critical

Sabah Siddiqui, Kimberly Lacroix, and Anup Dhar

pp. 285-301

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Mental Health Care, Diagnosis, and the Medicalization of Social Problems in Ukraine

Shelly Yankovskyy

pp. 302-318

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Passive-Aggressive: Māori Resistance and the Continuance of Colonial Psychiatry in Aotearoa New Zealand

Bruce Cohen

pp. 319-339

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Neurasthenia Revisited: Psychologising precarious labor and migrant status in contemporary discourses of Asian American nervousness

Louise Tam

pp. 340-364

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Tools for the journey from North to South: A collaborative process to develop reflexive global mental health practice’

Kate Suffling, Lynn Cockburn and Kim Edwards

pp. 365-384

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The Cape Town Declaration (2011)

Pan African Network of People with Psychosocial Disabilities (PANUSP)

pp. 385-386

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Global Mental Health, Human Rights and Development

Linda Lee

pp. 387-392

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Mental Health in Kenya: Not yet Uhuru

Mohamed Ibrahim

pp. 393-400

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Should wellbeing and distress be addressed by health policy and medical funding, or be understood outside of a medical framework? The work of USP-Kenya

Kanyi Gikonyo

pp. 401-405

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A short conversation with Arthur Kleinman about his support for the global mental health movement

Derek Summerfield

pp. 406-411

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Disabilities, Human Rights and International Cooperation: Human Rights-Based Approach and Lived Experiences of Ugandan Women with Disabilities. Authored Book: Hisayo Katsui. ISBN978N952N5977N04N2 

Susan Antebi

pp. 412-415

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