Vol. 2 No. 1

Disability and the Global South (DGS), 2015, Vol. 2 No. 1

Special issue:  Disability and Forced Migration

Edited by Maria Pisani (University of Malta) and Shaun Grech (The Critical Institute)



Towards a Critical Understanding of the Disability/Forced Migration nexus

Shaun Grech and Maria Pisani

pp. 416-420
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Disability and Forced Migration: Critical Intersectionalities

Maria Pisani and Shaun Grech

pp. 421-441
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Disability and displacement in times of conflict: Rethinking migration, flows and boundaries

Maria Berghs

pp. 442-459
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‘Ask us what we need’: Operationalizing Guidance on Disability Inclusion in Refugee and Displaced Persons Programs

Emma Pearce

pp. 460-478
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Disability-inclusive healthcare in humanitarian camps: Pushing the boundaries of disability studies and global health

Mansha Mirza

pp. 479-500
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‘Nowhere to be found’: disabled refugees and asylum seekers within the Australian resettlement landscape

Karen Soldatic, Kelly Somers, Amma Buckley and Caroline Fleay

pp. 501-522
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‘Disabled asylum seekers?… They don’t really exist’: The marginalisation of disabled asylum seekers in the UK and why it matters

Rebecca Yeo

pp. 523-550
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Disability and forced migration: the experience of a Syrian Doctor

Ayman Mostafa

pp. 551-555
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Refugees with a Disability in Malta: Challenges and Opportunities

UNHCR (Malta)

pp. 556-562
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