Call for Papers

Disability and the Global South

An International Journal

Special Issue: Disabled children and disabling childhoods in the global South

Editors: Erica Burman (University of Manchester), Anat Greenstein (University of Manchester) and Manasi Kumar (University of Nairobi)

Research in the fields of the sociology of childhood, global disability studies, critical development studies and post-colonial theory point to different and intersecting ways in which childhood, disability and poverty are constructed in the global South and North. Our aim for this Issue is to document and debate conceptual, methodological and political challenges – and contributions – posed by researching with and about disabled childhoods and/in the Global South.

The key question addressed by this issue will be: How do discourses of childhood and disability relate to each other in the global South, and what consequences do these relations have for re-thinking their configuration in the global North? And vice versa? How does the political economy of global North-South relations incite a re-thinking of models of disability and childhood, as well as the relations between these? These broad concerns may be realised in a range of different ways, with the possibilities outlined below only indicative:

  • How childhoods in different regions of the world impose and promote gender, age and ethnicities as ‘disabilities’, as well as how mainstream constructions of childhood and disability are challenged by alternative, critical and subaltern constructions.
  • Addressing the diverse intersections with, and conditions of, children with disabilities in relation to other axes and arenas of social division and belonging, including gender, class/caste, sexuality, culture, religions, poverty and migration.
  • Interrogating issues of development, the global economy of care work, restriction on migration due to disability, diverse connections and interactions between social marginalisations of various kinds, childhood and disability.
  • Critical examination of the field of “special educational needs” in different global contexts and the over-representation of migrant students in special education settings.
  • Analysing the positions and practices of disabled children, including discussions of representations of disabled children and childhood from the perspective of disability.
  • Childhoods in adversities leading to social and physical disabilities for instance, children in armed conflict, war, extreme poverty and disasters.


We invite critical, experiential and interactive pieces from global South and North on critical disability studies from both geopolitical spheres. We encourage, in particular, contributions that pair and arise from North-South partnerships, as well as discussing relations with policies – both national and international. In line with DGS policy, submissions arising from North-South partnerships will be given particular preference. Potential authors who seek partners are welcome to contact us to see if we can put them in touch with a relevant possible co-author.

Please note that DGS is an international peer-reviewed journal, and final copy will be subject to the journal Editor’s approval.

For further information on DGS, see (Journal Editor, Dr Shaun Grech)

Please see below for details of timescale and production schedule


Timescale: September 2013-February 2015

Call for papers:  September 2013

Deadline for submission of abstracts (of 150 words): November 20th 2013

Notification of status of abstracts by – 1 February 2014

1st Drafts due in by: 1 July 2014

Reviewers’ comments back to authors: 1 October, 2014

Final revised copy submitted to Editors: 1 December, 2014

Notification of acceptance of revisions or request for further amendments: 1 January 2015

Likely publication: February 2015


We welcome informal inquiries.


Abstracts and inquiries should be addressed to:

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