About us


Aims and Focus

Disabilityand the Global South (DGS) is the first peer reviewed journal committed to publishing high quality work focused exclusively on all aspects of the disability experience in the global South. It provides an interdisciplinary platform prioritising material that is critical, challenging, and engaging from a range of epistemological perspectives and disciplines.

We welcome material from a broad range of areas including disability studies, international development, anthropology, postcolonial theory, rural development, global health, Latin American Cultural Studies, psychology, and feminisms. DGS is not confined in focus to any region, but is particularly interested in areas that remain underrepresented e.g. Latin America.

The journal encourages contributions from disabled activists and theorists from the global South. Our objective is to provide a safe space to critique and challenge the Westerncentrism in dominant disciplines and practices, and the imperialism in the production of ‘knowledge’ and its dissemination.

DGS welcomes research-based and theoretical contributions in English and Spanish and isopen to a wide range of themes including (not exclusively):

  • Poverty and disability

  • War, conflict and displacement

  • Health and rehabilitation

  • Livelihoods and education

  • Cultural constructions of disability

  • Neoliberal globalisation,international development and contemporary Empire

  • Religion and spirituality

  • Intersectionalities

  • Post/neocolonial spaces and identities

  • The language of rightsin practice

  • Researching disability across cultures, indigenous and decolonizing methodologies

FrequencyThe journal is published 2 to 3 times a year. The first issue will be published in January 2013.Open AccessThis is an open access journal with the set aim of making all content in its entirety free for everyone and everywhere. All material can be freely downloaded and shared with others under a Creative Commons License. Our open access policy is motivated also by the need for material to circulate beyond academic circles into public spaces where it can be more effectively used.Peer ReviewAll articles will be undergo anonymous peer review by two reviewers. We seek to provide feedback to authors in the shortest time possible.Special IssuesThe journal publishes theme-specific special issues and will be accompanied by a call for papers on this page and other sources. We also welcome suggestions for special issues by guest editors.For more information on the journal please contact the editor Shaun Grecheditorial@dgsjournal.org